How we are embracing sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint...

2021-12-01 | Environment

Sustainable Energy provider

One of the benefits of our fundraising pack software is that we can help charities reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the number of physical packs being printed and posted out to supporters.

Supporters instead download and print only what they need from their personalised pack created in FundraizingHero. They can then make their own choices on sustainable paper and inks to print their fundraising materials at home. Our designs are all home print friendly to not use too much ink and print quickly to help save electricity.

Although we put a big tick against this objective to help charities reduce their carbon footprint by switching to digital fundraising packs instead of postal packs. We wanted to look at how we can take this one step further as being digital is not carbon free.

Everything digital and accessed online requires energy to run, all websites, online software solutions and social platforms require hosting to make these services available 24/7 and of course anything digital can only be accessed by devices that run on electricity.

Its important to us that we try and be as sustainable as possible to operate FundraizingHero. We have chosen hosting providers who are committed to lowering their carbon emissions and we have optimised our software to minimise loading times and storage required.


For example, we initially sent all the pack materials to the supporter via email however this meant a large email with loads of attachments was sent each time a pack was created this took time and power to trigger, so instead we switched this to an email with no attachments and a link to a page where the supporter can download their pack materials. Not only does this require less power but this also allows the supporter to download only what they need and enabled us to apply tracking to this page so the charity can see what their supporter has downloaded from their pack.

To further reduce and offset our carbon footprint we have just signed up to Ecologi where we can make contributions to environmental projects. To start we have offset 2 tonnes of CO2e and planted 100 trees and we hope to expand this as we grow to minimise the impact our digital services has on the environment. View our Ecologi profile here to see the projects Ecologi support.

Carbon Offset

Start reducing your carbon footprint today by offering digital fundraising packs with FundraizingHero. Click here to find out the other ways FundraizingHero can help your charity.

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