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2020-12-29 | Fundraising

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Charities are at the heart of society and where other industries have been able to pause their service during the pandemic, charities have had no choice but to power on through providing their support and services to people and animals who need them. So let me start by saying a massive thank you!

You don't need reminding what a turbulent year 2020 has been for charities but as we end the year and look ahead to 2021, there are some positives to take from 2020 such as the resilience of people's desire to do good. 2020 has been full of stories of fundraising heroes such as Captain Tom (now Sir Tom Moore) and many people doing activities at home to support great causes.

We believe our solution can help kick start your fundraising when you can in 2021.

FundraizingHero has been designed to help charities provide personalised fundraising packs to people doing great things on their behalf. All our packs will feature your logo and two of your colours plus we add 'In aid of' automatically above your logo and add your registered charity number too.

Community Fundraising pack'In aid of' added automatically

Our simple registration forms make it easy for anyone to register their fundraising activity in aid of your charity. Typically a fundraising pack in the post can take 1-2 weeks to arrive. With FundraizingHero our digital packs are emailed to the supporter moments after they register, meaning they can be promoting their activity the same day. Hopefully, the sooner they promote their activity... the more attendance they get, the more funds they raise!

You may think that you have solved this issue by offering downloadable PDF's on your website, you may be counting how many of these have been downloaded, but how about many of these have been actually used and probably most importantly how were they used?

With FundraizingHero our charity admin is designed to answer these questions we give you insights on what your fundraisers are up to, how their pack has been personalised along which what parts of the pack they have downloaded to use.

Charity event managerSee activities planned in the charity admin

We aim to help charities provide personalised fundraising packs to people doing great things on their behalf at an affordable price. Our packs cater for a range of activities hopefully minimising the number of DIY posters being created by your fundraisers.

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