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We believe our fundraising pack software
can help your charity...

  • Save money on design, print, and postage
    By offering digital fundraising mateirals and automating the creation of personalised fundraising packs.
  • Make it easy for people to fundraise for you.
    Our intuitive forms make it easy for anyone to register for their fundraising pack.
  • Offer over 40 pack designs
    Give you a wide range of fundraising packs for different fundraising activities. We have over 25 packs and counting ready for you to add your charity logo and colours to make them your own.
  • Give you visibility of activities planned by supporters
    Our charity admin allows you to see what your supporters are organising, how they personalised their pack, and which parts they downloaded.
  • Reduce people DIYing their own posters.
    DIY posters don't often do your charity justice and vary rarely compliant.
  • Help save the planet
    By reducing the number of postal packs sent and therefore reducing your charity's carbon footprint. Also if previously, you had bulk orders of fundraising materials printed reducing this will also help reduce your charity's negative impact on the environment.
  • Get people fundraising for you quicker
    Get people promoting their events sooner rather than waiting for a postal fundraising pack to arrive. The sooner they promote their event the better chances of having a better attendance. The better attendance may result in more funds being raised for your charity. Supporters can even do 'last minute' activities for you too.

How FundraizingHero Works...

Watch our video below to see how FundraizingHero works, if you would like to know or would like to see FundraizingHero in action you can request access to our demo video here.

Community Fundraiser Community fundraising pack example

Our fundraising packs

Our digital fundraising packs are designed to give your supporters professional-looking materials endorsed by your charity's brand and personalised with the information they entered about their activity.

We only use a touch of your brand to give your charity visibility and help build your charity awareness, but at the same time make it very clear that the activity promoted is organised by a member of the public and not your charity.

There are 3 core packs for your supporters to select from:

  • A community fundraising pack which caters for over 40 different activities and counting. This includes materials such as a poster, bunting, DIY collection box.
  • A challenge 'sponsor me' pack for activities like a sponsored bike rides, runs, head shaves, this pack has materials such as a back sign and a sponsorship form.
  • A thank you pack has items like a thank you poster and selfie prop. This is for the supporter to thank people who attended or sponsored them.

Plus... All 3 packs come with social media graphics too so your supporter can promote and share their event online.

Find out more about our fundraising packs...
Community Fundraiser Challenge pack example