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What is FundraizingHero?

In a nutshell, it’s fundraising pack software designed to allow your fundraisers to create and download their own personalised fundraising materials for your charity.

Your fundraisers will benefit from...

Fundraising Materials

Personalised materials

They receive great-looking materials endorsed by your charity and personalised to their activity. So, no need for them to get out a marker pen, practice their neat handwriting or design their own materials!

Materials in Minutes

Materials in minutes

Materials are available to download or share on social media straight away to promote their activity. The sooner they promote their activity, hopefully, the better attendance and more funds raised.

Printing Bunting

Print only what they need

They can decide which materials to download and how many they want to print. (You can even track what they have downloaded). Our designs are all home print-friendly for easy printing.

We have quite a few benefits for your charity too. Visit our Why FundraizingHero? page to find out how we can make a difference to your fundraising or scroll down to find out how FundraizingHero works and learn about our product features.

How FundraizingHero works...

How FundraizingHero works...

Your fundraisers complete a short online form about the activity they are planning.

We then create their personalised fundraising materials ready for them to download moments later.

All printable materials are home print-friendly, so A4 size and a good balance of ink vs paper.

In the charity admin you can see what they are planning and what materials they downloaded from their personalised fundraising pack.

Fundraisers Journey

Ready to sign up?

Signing up your charity takes less than 10 minutes and your FundraizingHero page is ready for you to share with your fundraisers straight away. All you need to sign up is information about your charity, your logo, 2 of your colours and a credit card. You can choose to pay monthly (£22+ VAT) or pay yearly (£240+ VAT).
See our Pricing page for more information on our subscription plans.

I'm ready to sign up

Product features

Here are some of the product features in FundraizingHero designed to help your charity fundraise more efficiently and make it easy for people to fundraise for you.

Activity visibility

See all the activity information submitted by your fundraisers. See the pack materials they received and know which ones they downloaded. Plus you can set a status and add comments to each activity. We haven't got any integrations yet, but the activity information is downloadable as a spreadsheet so that it can be added to a CRM system if needed.

Activity View


Digital fundraising packs

We have three types of packs one for community fundraising, one for challenge activities, and one for the fundraiser to thank their sponsors or attendees. We have also created a wide range of activity illustrations to make the pack represent the activity being organised. Each pack contains materials appropriate to the activity chosen including helpful guides such as a risk assessment.

All materials in the pack feature your logo, two of your charity colours, and personalised with the activity information provided by the fundraiser. Some of the pack items also include footer text designed for your strapline and web address.

We also add your registered charity number to the materials and add in aid of above the logo, so there is no doubt it's an activity organised by a member of the public, not your charity.
More about our digital fundraising packs

Charity Page

Every charity gets a FundraizingHero page with the options for fundraisers to register a community fundraising activity, 'sponsor me' challenge, or for their certificate. We also include the option for them to send you a message and display your telephone number and email address. Plus so fundraisers know who they are supporting, your charity logo and registered charity number are also displayed. We supply you with a web address to direct your fundraisers straight to your page.

See Sign Posting below to see how else we can help you direct fundraisers to your page.

Charity Page


Certificate creation

When someone registers for their certificate, you will get an email to let you know. Then in the admin area, you can click on a button that will take the information they entered and create their certificate for you to download and send to them.

We don't send this automatically as we know that charities like to add a personal touch when thanking their fundraisers.

Style settings

Control your charity's colours, logo, selected font, footer text, and other charity details used in our packs all from the admin area. If your charity has a re-brand, no problem, simply switch your logo and colours, the changes are instant. You can even download a sample coffee morning poster to see how your style looks.


Back Sign

QR Codes

QR codes are back and bigger than ever! In our challenge 'sponsor me' pack we have added a QR code to the back sign (sign challengers pin to their t-shirt). The challenger enters their giving page web address as part of registering for their pack and we generate the QR code on the back sign allowing people to scan and donate easily as your fundraiser takes on their fundraising challenge.

Digital Advantage

Our fundraising packs include social media graphics personalised to the fundraiser's activity allowing them to promote their fundraising online easily. This is a massive advantage over the traditional postal fundraising pack.

We also include a video call background in our community fundraising pack with your charity logo and colours so even when activities take place virtually they can still show their support and raise awareness.

Social Media Templates

Add your own materials

Custom Links

We know that every charity is different and you may want to include additional files or links to accompany the fundraising packs. Like a PDF about your charity and how the money raised makes a difference.

So we have added a feature enabling you to add custom links on the fundraising pack download page for the fundraiser to click on. You will be able to see if your links have been clicked too in the charity admin in the same way you can see which items in the pack they downloaded.

Receive fundraiser messages

We thought it might be a good idea to add a way that a fundraiser can get in touch with your charity from your FundraizingHero page. So we add your telephone number and email address to your page. We also have included a 'send a message' feature. This is a simple form for the fundraiser to complete with a message. Once submitted, you will receive an email informing you that you have a new message. The full message can then be viewed in the admin area.




We generate a web address for you to direct fundraisers straight to your page. We recommend you add this link to your website and maybe your email footers along with sharing it on social media. To help with this, we have added some graphics you can download from the admin area, including a button graphic that you can add to your website and graphics for social media.

Searchable from our homepage

Any charity signed up to FundraizingHero automatically gets added to our search for a charity feature on our home page.

Charity Search

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