Why FundraizingHero...

We take care of the fundraising pack creation so you can focus on giving your supporters a great fundraising experience.

Our fundraising pack software is specifically designed to solve many of the niggles and problems experienced by fundraising teams and their supporters.

Such as cheques arriving out of the blue, horrendous DIY'd posters and overall lack of visibility of what supporters are doing...to the supporter waiting ages for a fundraising pack to arrive only to find it's filled with materials they don't need and a 'one size fits all' design often resulting in them creating something themselves.

Why FundraizingHero

We can help your charity...

See supporters events

Have visibility of what supporters are up to

You can see what supporters are planning, how they personalised their pack and track which materials they downloaded. You can then reach out to them to check in and provide a great supporter experience.

Fundraise Quicker

Get people fundraising for you quicker

Our fundraising pack materials are ready to download in minutes and include a social media post. So your supporters can start promoting their activity staight away. Hopefully resulting in better attendance and more funds raised.

Charity Savings

Save money on print, postage and design

Our self-serve fundraising packs allow your supporters to download and print the materials they need at home. Saving you postage and printing fees, we have over 40 designs ready for them to use, so you don't have to pay any design fees.

Save the world

Save the world by embracing digital materials

Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but by offering digital fundraising packs with FundraizingHero means that your supporters produce less waste and reduce the number of packs being sent by post reducing your carbon footprint.

Brand awareness

Increase awareness and reduce DIY designs

Our pack materials include a touch of your brand to help build awareness but at the same time make it clear its a supporter organised activity. Each supporter receives a personalised pack hopefully stopping them from DIYing there own.

Grow your fundraising

Cater for more supporters than you could before

Our online forms make it easy for anyone to start fundraising for you 24/7. Supporters can download their print-friendly personalised materials in minutes. Saving you the need to create or post anything to them.

Plus your supporters will benefit from...

Fundraising pack

Personalised materials

They receive great-looking materials endorsed by your charity and personalised to their activity. So, no need for them to get out a marker pen, practice their neat handwriting or design their own materials!

Download Materials

Materials in minutes

Materials are available to download or share on social media straight away to promote their activity. The sooner they promote their activity, hopefully, the better attendance and more funds raised.

Printing Bunting

Printing only what they need

They can decide which materials to download and how many they want to print. (You can even track what they have downloaded). Our designs are all home print-friendly for easy printing.

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