Give your supporters an easy way to self-serve personalised fundraising materials

Our Fundraising Pack Software helps fundraising teams (like yours) spend less time creating and sending fundraising materials and more time on meaningful projects and campaigns that make a difference.

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Let your supporters create and download their personalised fundraising packs in minutes. You'll get full insights into what they're planning and what they've downloaded, you can then reach out to kick start your stewardship and give them a great experience fundraising for you.

Watch the demo video below to see FundraizingHero in action.

Our Fundraising Pack Software not only saves you time, but also offers the following benefits...

Save time

Get people fundraising for you quicker 24/7

Materials are ready for supporters to download in minutes keeping their motivation high.

Supporters no longer have to wait weeks for their pack to arrive. They can start fundraising the same day and print as many materials as they need.

save money on print and post

Save £££ on print, postage and design

Supporters can easily self-serve their personalised fundraising pack materials to print at home and share online.

Saving you postage and print fees plus we have over 40 activity illustrations so you can offer your supporters different designs without any design fees.

Raise your charity awareness

Build awareness and prevent people DIY their own designs

All materials include your brand colours and logo, hopefully preventing people from designing their own materials.

We only use a touch of your brand to be very clear that the activity promoted is organised by a member of the public and not your charity.

“As a small fundraising team, the packs created in FundraizingHero are very useful and a huge time-saver.”

Rosie, Fundraising Manager
Healthcare Workers’ Foundation

“It's brilliant to be able to send supporters to one place to get what they need. It's creating less waste and also saving us on postage!”

Rhia, Mass Fundraising & Communications Manager
The Big Issue Foundation


Straight-forward pricing with no sneaky fees or add-ons. We set out to make FundraizingHero affordable and easy to budget for so we kept pricing super simple you can either pay monthly or yearly.

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£22/month + VAT

Minimum term of 1 month
Cancel anytime
No hidden charges
Pay by Card or Bacs Direct Debit

Most popular
Pay Yearly

£240/year + VAT

Minimum term of 12 months
Renews automatically each year unless cancelled
No hidden charges
Pay by Card or Bacs Direct Debit

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After your 30-day free trial, payment will be taken automatically, you can choose to pay monthly (£22+ VAT) or pay yearly (£240+ VAT). Credit card or Bacs direct debit details required. Cancel anytime in the trial period to stop future charges.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss an alternative payment method please

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About our fundraising packs

Our digital fundraising packs have been designed to give your supporters professional-looking materials endorsed by your charity and personalised with the information they entered about their activity.

We only use a touch of your brand to give your charity the visibility it needs to help build your charity awareness, but at the same time, be very clear that the activity promoted is organised by a member of the public and not your charity.

Find out more about our fundraising packs...

See how your charity will look

See how your charity's colours and logo will look on the coffee morning poster.

All our packs are customised to feature two of your colours and your logo and include your registered charity number.

We automatically add 'in aid of' above the logo so that it's clear that it's an activity organised by a member of the public and not organised by your charity.

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Our product features

All our product features have been developed to help your charity fundraise more efficiently and make it easy for people to fundraise for you.

One feature we are super proud of is our QR code option on the back sign, allowing people to scan and donate as the supporter trains or takes part in their fundraising challenge.

Learn more about our product features...

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