Unleash the power
of personalised
fundraising materials

Effortlessly scale your supporter base and drive engagement with our self-serve Fundraising Pack Creator & Fundraising Poster Maker.

  • Eliminate supporter frustrations with easy fundraising material creation
  • Engage with your supporters more effectively with valuable insights
  • Boost supporter numbers while saving on resources and costs
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Some charities already embracing FundraizingHero include...

Empower your supporters
with FundraizingHero

  • Supporters create personalised fundraising materials in minutes.
  • You save time to focus on the projects that make a difference.
  • Reduce your printing and postage costs.
  • Gain valuable insights into your supporters' activities.
  • Minimise frustrations and get people fundraising faster.
  • Effortlessly cater to a larger supporter base.
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Why us

With FundraizingHero you can...

Get your time back

Let your supporters self-serve personalised fundraising packs in minutes, freeing you up to focus on the projects that make a difference to your charity.

Get insights like never before

Gain insights on supporters' activities and downloads. Use this information to connect with supporters and offer assistance when needed.

Reduce supporter frustrations

Your supporters can create and download materials in minutes and print as many as needed. No more waiting or handwriting posters.

Save on print and postage

With your supporters self-serving digital fundraising materials to print at home and share online, you save postage and printing expenses.

Get people fundraising faster

As supporters get materials quickly they can start promoting their activity sooner. This can boost attendance, sponsorships, and funds raised for your charity.

Be more sustainable

Your supporters produce less waste by printing only what they need, and you send fewer packs by mail, reducing your carbon footprint.

Don’t just take our word for it

“I love that I can see the materials created by supporters, it makes such a difference to their fundraising journey.”

Grace, Community Fundraising Officer
UK Sepsis Trust

“It's brilliant to be able to send supporters to one place to get what they need. It's creating less waste and also saving us on postage!”

Mass Fundraising Manager

“FundraizingHero is a very valuable resource we can offer to our supporters who are giving up their time to fundraise for us.”

Lorna, Operations Manager
Hope Support Services
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fundraising poster maker

The Fundraising Poster Maker

This solution empowers supporters to create personalised posters for fundraising events, helping to promote their activities quickly and efficiently.

Key features include applying your charity’s brand colours and logo, self-serve poster creation, tracking poster creations, and being able to easily integrating the platform into existing supporter journeys.

The Fundraising Poster Maker offers an easy and intuitive supporter experience, with insights provided to charities so they can offer support and guidance.

Pricing is only £4/month (+VAT) with no setup fees or hidden charges, and charities have the flexibility to cancel at any time or upgrade to the fundraising pack creator.

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Spend your time focusing on the projects that make a difference to your charity

If you’re tired of spending your valuable time creating and distributing fundraising materials to your supporters, reclaim your time and focus on the projects that can make a difference to your charity by empowering your supporters to self-serve their own materials with FundraizingHero's Fundraising Pack Creator.

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Keep your supporters engaged and motivated with personalised fundraising materials

Our innovative Fundraising Pack Creator enables supporters to effortlessly create personalised fundraising packs within minutes, keeping them motivated and engaged. Say goodbye to the days of handwritten or DIY posters, as well as the delay waiting for packs to arrive.

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