About our digital fundraising packs

Our fundraising packs are at the heart of our fundraising pack software for obvious reasons.

Your supporters self-serve their personalised fundraising pack and it’s ready for them to download moments later. They can choose which materials to download and have the freedom to print as many as they need.

Our fundraising packs have been designed to be...

Charity Branded

Charity endorsed

All our packs are customised to feature two of your colours and your logo and include your registered charity number.

We automatically add 'in aid of' above the logo so that it's clear that it's an activity organised by a member of the public, not your charity.

print friendly fundraising packs

Print friendly

The materials in the packs are all designed so they can be easily printed at home, with plenty of white space so your supporters don't use loads of ink or end up with a soggy materials once printed.

Plus they are all A4 size to minimise the need to fiddle with print settings.

Personalised fundraising poster


Supporters are emailed their fundraising pack ID after they complete the online form. They can then download their fundraising materials and make small edits to the text if they need to.

We use the information they entered such as activity name and date to personalise their fundraising pack.

Digital Advantage...

Our packs also include social media graphics customised to your supporter's activity, so they can promote their activity, drum up some sponsorship, and thank people on Facebook and Twitter.

We have also added a video call background to our community fundraising pack.

Fundraiser social media

What's in each of the fundraisng packs...

We have 3 types of fundraising packs, Community fundraising pack, Challenge 'sponsor me' pack and Thank you pack, below is a list of what's included in each pack.

Community fundraising pack

This includes...

  • Poster
  • Bunting
  • DIY collection box
  • Social media graphic
  • Cake/food flags and labels
  • Video call background
  • Selfie prop
  • Risk assessment template
  • Paying in form
  • Staying safe & legal guide
  • Fundraising planner

This pack has over 40 different illustrations so your supporters have a design relevant to the activity they are organising.

Challenge 'sponsor me' pack

This includes...

  • Back sign
  • Sponsorship form
  • Social media graphic
  • Selfie prop
  • Paying in form
  • Fundraising planner

The back sign features a QR code to your supporters giving page allowing people to scan and donate easily as they take on their fundraising challenge.

Thank you pack

This includes...

  • Thank you poster
  • Social media graphic
  • Selfie prop
  • Paying in form

The paying in form features your charity details. Including how they pay in the money raised and where to send cheques to. These details can be viewed and edited from the admin area.

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Community fundraising events

Our packs cater for over 40 community Fundraising Activities

We have over 40 illustrations and counting used on our community fundraising packs so your supporters have a fundraising pack relevant to the activity they are organising.

The yellow and purple shown in these examples will be replaced with 2 colours chosen by you and can be updated easily if your charity's colours change.

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See what supporters download

One of the benefits of using FundraizingHero is you can see what materials your supporters have downloaded.

This is so you can keep track of how they are getting on and give them a nudge if they haven't downloaded something you think they may need.

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