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Save £££ on fundraising materials by going digital in 2023

2023-01-03 | Fundraising

Over the last couple of years, your charity has probably embraced many of the digital technologies that have now become part of our everyday life such as video calls, contactless donations and QR codes to name a few but have you ever though..

5 Tips to offer great downloadable fundraising resources to your supporters to print at home

2022-04-21 | Fundraising

Before creating our fundraising pack software we carried out a lot of research to understand what supporters want from downloadable fundraising resources and what frustrates them. Our findings helped us shape our fundraising pack materials ..

Should you offer digital fundraising materials to your supporters?

2022-04-14 | Fundraising

As more and more fundraising teams continue to work from home and some charities now completely working remotely, printing, storing, and sending fundraising packs has become a little more challenging than before.

What is Fundraising Pack Automation?

2022-01-27 | Fundraising

Fundraising pack automation is software that creates a full fundraising pack for a supporter without you or your charity having to do anything. The supporter completes a short online form about the activity or challenge they are planning..

Keep your supporters motivated from the get-go

2022-01-05 | Fundraising

Fundraising is meant to be fun and rewarding for individuals organising an activity in aid of your charity. It can also be frustrating for them too, when they order their fundraising pack they are excited about planning their activity and c..

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