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Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of sending a fundraising pack in the post?

2021-09-01 | Fundraising

In my time researching fundraising packs, I have ordered quite a few fundraising packs from charities big and small (I donated to each of these charities as I wasn’t able to fundraise for all of them). I aimed to understand what is in..

If your charity has never fundraised before find out how you can start fundraising in a quick and cost-effective way

2021-07-16 | Fundraising

If your charity hasn't done any fundraising in the past and you want to kick start fundraising in a quick and cost-effective way...we can help. Or if you simply want to test whether fundraising works for your charity we can help with tha..

New Feature: You can now add custom links to add extra materials bespoke to your charity

2021-06-01 | News

We are super excited about this new feature we call Custom Links.

We know every charity is different and although we have you covered with all the fundraising pack materials so your fundraisers can confidently promote ..

The different types of fundraising posters used by DIY fundraisers & why you only want a touch of your brand

2021-05-03 | Fundraising

Whenever I am out and about and spot a notice board, I can’t help myself, I have to go and take a closer look and often snap a photo too. On most notice boards (pre-pandemic) there were posters advertising local services but then there..

6 problems we found with fundraising packs and how we solve them in FundraizingHero.

2021-04-14 | Fundraising

As part of our research, we looked extensively at fundraising packs supplied by charities and subsequently organised a few activities to make use of the pack materials supplied to discover first-hand what it’s like to be a DIY fundrais..

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