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Fundraising Pack Creator

If you are looking for a hassle-free way to get fundraising packs to your supporters - Look no further than FundraizingHero's Fundraising Pack Creator!

Our revolutionary platform generates personalised, easy to print fundraising materials ready for your supporters to download in minutes and gives you visibility of what materials they downloaded and what they are planning.

Our Fundraising Pack Creator is specifically designed and purpose-built for fundraising teams, enabling increased efficiency, broader reach, and unprecedented insights—all without straining your budget.

Community Fundraising Pack

Personalised fundraising
materials ready in minutes

Our Fundraising Pack Creator is a quick and easy solution for creating personalised fundraising materials. With just a simple online form, your supporters can create fundraising materials in minutes enabling them to start promoting their activity quickly and efficiently.

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Insights like never before

See what your supporters are planning, check out their personalised materials, and track which fundraising pack resources they've downloaded.

With these powerful insights at your fingertips, you can proactively offer support and guidance to your supporters, ensuring that they have an exceptional fundraising experience with you.

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Integrate your Fundraising Pack Creator
easily into your supporter journeys

Kick-start someone's fundraising journey by adding your link to your charity branded Fundraising Pack Creator page to your website and other fundraising communications.

You can also direct supporters straight to the specific pack forms to seamlessly integrate them into your existing supporter journey. For instance, include the link to the challenge pack form in your correspondence to a runner who's already registered for an event.

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The right balance of your brand

All our pack materials feature your brand's logo and colours to help promote your charity and build awareness, while also making it clear that the fundraising activity is organised by a member of the public, not your charity.

We also add your registered charity number to all materials and in aid of above your logo automatically.

Our platform serves as a perfect balance between fully on-brand materials and supporters creating their own DIY materials. Hopefully preventing supporters from going rogue and creating materials that could harm your charity's reputation.

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Digital fundraising packs

The digital advantage

Not only are the supporter forms and pages optimised for mobile devices, but the fundraising packs also include personalised social media downloads.

This makes it incredibly convenient for supporters to promote their fundraising efforts online, which is not a feature typically found in traditional postal fundraising packs.

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Add links to your own materials

We understand that each charity has unique needs and may want to provide supporters with extra resources or information. To help with this, we've added a feature that lets you include custom links on the fundraising pack download page.

For example, you could add a link to a PDF document that explains your charity's impact or how the funds raised will be used. What's more, you can track engagement with these links by monitoring clicks in the charity admin.

You can also replace certain supporting materials, such as the Risk Assessment, Paying In form, and Staying Safe Guide, with links to your own files. Rest assured, we'll still track if these links have been clicked on by a supporter.

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fundraising certificate creation

Create certificates with ease

When someone creates a thank you pack, you'll receive an email notifying you that they're ready for their certificate. With just one click in the admin area, you can transform the information they provided into a beautiful certificate that you can download and send to them.

We don't send this automatically because we understand how important it is for charities to add a personal touch when thanking their supporters.

Make certificate creation easy

Boost your supporters
fundraising efforts with QR codes

QR codes are back, and they're more powerful than ever! We've added QR codes to the back sign and the sponsorship form in our challenge fundraising pack.

When supporters create their pack, they simply enter their donation page web address, and we generate their unique QR code. This QR code is added on the back sign, making it easy for people to scan and donate as your supporter takes on their fundraising challenge. And for those who prefer to go paperless, the QR code is also included on the sponsorship form, making online donations a breeze.

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How it works

We've created a powerful platform that's designed to help both you and your supporters achieve your fundraising goals. By adding a link to your FundraizingHero Fundraising Pack Creator page to your website and other fundraising communications, you can encourage your supporters to create personalised fundraising materials with ease.

Our user-friendly platform takes care of the fundraising pack creation process, allowing your supporters to focus on raising money for your cause!

How the Fundraising Pack Creator works