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Let your supporters create personalised posters
with your Fundraising Poster Maker

With your own Fundraising Poster Maker, your supporters can easily create personalised community fundraising posters or 'sponsor me' challenge posters in minutes.

Helping them promote their events quickly or circulate their sponsorship page with ease which will hopefully result in more funds being raised for your cause.

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With your Fundraising
Poster Maker you can...

  • Offer self-serve, personalised, print-friendly posters.
  • Track how supporters personalised their posters.
  • Get people fundraising for your cause quickly.
  • Boost awareness and reduce DIY posters.
  • Effortlessly expand your supporter base.
  • Gain insights for effective supporter outreach.
  • All for only £4/month (+VAT).
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Empower your supporters to effortlessly create posters in minutes

They have the option to make a Community Fundraising Poster, ideal for spreading the word about their event and attracting attendees.

Alternatively, they can create a 'Sponsor Me' challenge poster, strategically engineered to boost their sponsorship potential with a convenient QR code linked directly to their online sponsorship page, donating is as easy as a few clicks.

Afternoon Tea Poster and Challenge Poster

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Easy and intuitive supporter experience

With just a simple online form, that is compatable on all devices, your supporters can create their print-friendly fundraising posters in minutes, enabling them to start promoting their activity or challenge quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, with more than 50 activity illustrations to choose from they can select the illustration that best suits their fundraising event.

Track supporters' poster creations

See what your supporters are planning by viewing the information they entered to personalise their poster you can also see if they have downloaded their poster.

With these insights at your fingertips, you can proactively offer support and guidance to your supporters, ensuring that they have an exceptional fundraising experience with you.

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Integrate FundraizingHero
easily into your supporter journeys

Empower your supporters to kick-start their fundraising journey by incorporating a link to your branded Fundraising Poster Maker on your website and other fundraising communications.

You can also share links going straight to the 2 poster maker forms. So if you have a supporter you know is doing a cycle ride or bake sale already you can send them to the relevent poster maker form.

The right balance of your brand

The poster templates features your brand's logo and colours to help promote your charity and build awareness, while also making it clear that the fundraising activity is organised by a member of the public and not your charity.

FundraizingHero bridges the gap between charity supplied generic posters and supporters designing their own.

We also automatically add your registered charity number to the footer area and add in aid of above your logo.

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The Posters

The Fundraising Poster Maker offers two types of posters: the Community Fundraising Poster and the 'Sponsor Me' Challenge Poster. Both are designed to be print-friendly and endorsed with your charity's brand.

Community Fundraising Poster

Community Fundraising Poster

This poster is designed to help supporters attract attendees to their fundraising events. Supporters select an illustration, enter their event name, date and time and location address plus any other additional text.

Challenge Fundraising Poster

'Sponsor Me' Challenge Poster

This poster is designed to boost your supporters' fundraising potential. Supporters can select an illustration, enter their challenge details to personalise their poster and enter their web address to their sponsorship page.

We use this web address to create a QR code on their poster making it convenient and easy for people to scan and sponsor them online.

How your Fundraising Poster Maker works

Your Fundraising Poster Maker success is in your hands. Promote your Fundraising Poster Maker to maximise usage. Here's how it works:

1. Share your Poster Maker with your supporters

We recommended adding your Poster Maker link to your website and other fundraising communications to increase visibility and drive traffic to your Fundraising Poster Maker.

Think about also integrating the link as a step within your existing supporter journey too to streamline your fundraising process.

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2. Supporters complete a short online form

Supporters fill in one of the short online forms including selecting from over 40 illustrations to create their poster. Their print-friendly personalised poster is available to download in minutes.

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3. Track their poster creations

Monitor created posters, see how they were personalised and essentially what supporters are planning in aid of your charity. With these insights you can proactively offer support and guidance to your supporters.

Track poster creations

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Signing up is quick and easy, taking less than 10 minutes. All you need is a high-resolution image of your logo in JPG or PNG format, your brand's color values, and your credit card or bank information for BACS. Within just 10 minutes, you'll be ready to start sharing your page!

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Frequently asked questions

  • The Fundraising Poster Maker is priced at only £4 (+VAT) per month, with no hidden fees or setup costs.

    This amounts to just £48 a year. You have the flexibility to cancel at any time, and if you choose to do so, your Poster Maker will go offline at the end of the billing period. The minimum term is just 1 month. Click here to sign up

  • Yes, each subscription is associated with a unique brand logo, colours, and charity name. If you have more than one brand, a separate subscription will be required for each. However, feel free to reach out to us, as we may be able to provide a discount for multiple accounts. Get in touch

  • When it comes to supporter-created posters, it's important to maintain consistency in style with a subtle nod to your brand rather than being strictly on-brand. This approach helps ensure a clear distinction between events hosted by your charity and those organised by supporters, reducing the risk of confusion or misrepresentation, and ultimately protecting the reputation of your charity.

    That's why we've crafted the posters to incorporate just enough of your brand to be recognisable and compliant.

  • At FundraizingHero, we prioritise the security of your data. It's stored exclusively on secure servers in the European Economic Area (EEA) with strict access controls. Our team stays updated on data protection measures, and access is tightly regulated based on roles and responsibilities, supported by two-factor authentication for added security.

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