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With your own Fundraising Poster Maker, your supporters can easily create their own personalised posters for their fundraising events in minutes.

They can then start promoting their events quickly, which can result in more people attending and more money being raised for your cause.

With your Fundraising Poster Maker you can:

  • Offer self-serve, personalised, print-friendly posters.
  • Track how supporters personalised their posters.
  • Get people fundraising for your cause quickly.
  • Boost awareness and reduce DIY posters.
  • Effortlessly expand your supporter base.
  • Gain insights for effective supporter outreach.
  • All for only £4/month (+VAT).
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How the Fundraising Poster Maker works

1. Apply a touch of your brand to the poster template

Add your brand colours and logo to ensure consistent charity representation in every poster. We only use a touch of your brand to make it clear its a supporter-led activity and not organised by your charity.

Apply your brand

2. Share your Poster Maker with your supporters

Share your Fundraising Poster Maker link with your supporters as a link from your website or as part of your existing supporter journey.

Share your page

3. Supporters self-serve their personalised posters

Supporters fill in a short online form including selecting from over 40 illustrations to create their poster. Their print-friendly personalised poster is available to download in minutes.

Fundraising pack creator

4. Track their poster creations

Monitor created posters, see how they were personalised and essentially what supporters are planning in aid of your charity. With these insights you can proactively offer support and guidance to your supporters.

Track poster creations

Sign up your chairty today, it's just £4/month (+VAT).
Cancel anytime. Minimum term 1 month.

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About the Fundraising Poster Maker

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Easy and intuitive supporter experience

With just a simple online form, that works on all devices, your supporters can create their print-friendly fundraising poster in minutes, enabling them to start promoting their activity quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, with more than 40 activity illustrations to choose from, they can select the illustration that best suits their planned activity.

Track supporters' poster creations

See what your supporters are planning by viewing the information they entered to personalise their poster you can also see if they have downloaded their poster.

With these insights at your fingertips, you can proactively offer support and guidance to your supporters, ensuring that they have an exceptional fundraising experience with you.

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Integrate FundraizingHero
easily into your supporter journeys

Empower your supporters to kick-start their fundraising journey by incorporating a link to your branded Fundraising Poster Maker on your website and other fundraising communications.

The right balance of your brand

The poster template features your brand's logo and colours to help promote your charity and build awareness, while also making it clear that the fundraising activity is organised by a member of the public and not your charity.

FundraizingHero bridges the gap between charity supplied generic posters and supporters designing their own.

We also automatically add your registered charity number to the footer area and add in aid of above your logo.

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£4/month + VAT

Minimum term of 1 month. Charities have the flexibility to cancel at any time to stop auto-renewal, if cancelled the subscription will terminate at the end of the billing period.
There are no set-up fees or hidden charges. Payment can be made by card or Bacs Direct Debit.

To offer your supporters more than posters, you can upgrade to the Fundraising Pack Creator at any time.

Want to offer more than just posters?
Our Fundraising Pack Creator offers your supporters personalised bunting, sponsorship forms, back signs and so much more.
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