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Escape the trap of one-size-fits-all and instead delight your supporters with personalised fundraising materials.

Do you find it difficult to create personalised fundraising resources for your supporters? Are you eager to scale your supporter base but find yourself concerned about meeting expectations and providing them with relevant materials?

You're not alone in this struggle. Many fundraising teams face these challenges, and all too often, they resort to generic approaches that ultimately ends up frustrating supporters.

That's where FundraizingHero comes in. Our innovative Fundraising Pack Creator enables supporters to effortlessly create personalised fundraising packs within minutes, keeping them motivated and engaged.

Say goodbye to the days of handwritten or DIY materials, as well as the delay waiting for packs to arrive and hello to personalised downloads so they can start promoting their activities faster.

By embracing our self-serve approach, you can effortlessly cater to a larger supporter base without increasing your resources or costs. Plus, our insightful reporting gives you valuable insights into your supporters' plans and what materials they downloaded.

Armed with this knowledge, you can take proactive steps to offer assistance, enhance your engagement efforts, and establish deeper connections with your supporters.

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FundraizingHero is also designed to help you...

Fundraising pack tracking

Get your time back

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of sending and creating fundraising materials and hello to empowering your supporters to self-serve personalised fundraising packs in minutes so you get your time back to focus on the projects that make a difference to your charity.

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Get insights like never before

Get valuable insights about your supporters' activities and which materials have been downloaded. This information allows you to reach out to supporters fully informed and provide assistance when needed.

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Fundraising supporter insights

Self-serve fundraising materials

Reduce your supporters' frustrations

Make it easy for your supporters to create and download fundraising materials in minutes. They can print what they need and as many as they need. No more handwritten or DIY'd posters or waiting ages for a pack to arrive.

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Get people fundraising faster

Supporters get their materials in minutes so they can start promoting their activities sooner, hopefully leading to more successful attendance and more sponsorships, resulting in more funds raised for your charity.

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Charity brand fundraising materials

Go digital for sustainability

Reduce waste and your carbon footprint, while saving money on print, postage, and design. With our digital fundraising packs, you can give your supporters professional-looking materials endorsed by your charity and personalised with the information they entered about their activity.

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