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Thinking about fundraising software

Why FundraizingHero...

  • Have you ever wondered what a fundraiser has written on that generic fundraising poster they received?
  • Have you received cheques out the blue from activities you never knew took place?
  • Do you wish your charity could have a pack for every type of activity instead of a generic pack?
  • Do you want to minimise the number of people DIY'ing their own posters?
  • Do you dream of increasing the number of people fundraising for you but worry you don't have the resource to fulfill all the fundraising pack requests?
  • Do you want to reduce the number of physical packs being sent by post to be greener and more cost-effective?

If you answered Yes to some of these questions FundraizingHero might be the software solution for you!

Ready to sign up your charity?

How FundraizingHero can help your charity...

FundraizingHero has been designed to help charities provide personalised fundraising packs to people doing great things on their behalf. All our packs will feature your logo and two of your colours plus we add 'In aid of' automatically above your logo and add your registered charity number too.

We believe we can help your charity do the following...

Easy fundraising

Make Fundraising for you 'a piece of cake'

Make it easy for people to fundraise for you. Direct your fundraisers to your charity's own FundraizingHero page from your website then our simple registration forms collect all the information needed to create their personalised fundraising pack.

Our packs cater for a range of activities hopefully minimising the number of fundraisers DIYing their own posters.

Quicker fundraising

Get people fundraising for you quicker

Typically a fundraising pack in the post can take 1-2 weeks to arrive. With FundraizingHero our packs are emailed to the fundraiser moments after they register, meaning they can be promoting their activity the same day.

Hopefully the sooner they promote their activity... the more attendance they get, the more funds they raise!

save money

Save money

If your fundraisers are using FundraizingHero instead of requesting physical fundraising packs you will see a reduction in postage fees

Plus if you have physical packs in stock, it might be a while before you need to replenish these and when you do you might even decide to not order so many or none at all.

save the world

Save the world

Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but by offering digital fundraising packs with FundraizingHero means that your fundraisers only print what they need.

This should reduce the number of physical packs being sent by post reducing your carbon footprint.

See registered activities

See activities before they happen

In the charity admin area, you can see all your fundraisers' activities registered using FundraizingHero.

You can see what, when, and where they are doing their activity. View their pack materials and see which parts of the pack they downloaded.

Over 25 different designs

Offer over 40 different packs

Our community fundraising packs change depending on the activity chosen by the fundraiser.

We have over 40 different illustrations and counting meaning your fundraisers receive a fundraising pack relevant to the activity they are organising.