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Fundraising Pack Creator

Step 1: You direct your supporters to your branded Fundraising Pack Creator page

Your FundraizingHero success is in your hands. The platform provides you with resources, but it's up to you to promote your Fundraising Pack Creator Page to maximise usage.

We recommended adding your page link to your website and other fundraising communications to increase visibility and drive traffic to your Fundraising Pack Creator. Think about also integrating the link as a step within your existing supporter journey too to streamline your fundraising process.

Fundraising page
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Community Fundraising Form

Step 2: Supporters complete a short online form

Once on your page, your supporters will complete a short online form where they will provide information about the activity they are planning.

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Step 3: Our Fundraising Pack Creator generates their personalised materials

Using the information provided by your supporters in the online form, our Fundraising Pack Creator will work it’s magic and create personalised fundraising materials for them.

Create fundraising materials
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Download Your materials

Step 4: Materials available for download

Moments after they complete the online form, supporters get an email from FundraizingHero with there unique Pack ID and a link to retrieve their pack. Using this pack ID and their email to log in they can download the materials they need. They can also make text edits too.

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Step 5: Monitor your supporters' activity

From your charity admin, you will be able to see what your supporters are planning and what materials they have downloaded. This will help you to stay informed and provide support to your supporters as needed.

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See the Fundraising Pack Creator it in action

Watch the video below to see how easy it is for a supporter to create a personalised fundraising pack.

"It's brilliant to be able to send supporters to one place to get what they need. It's creating less waste and also saving us on postage!"

Rhia, Mass Fundraising Manager
The Big Issue Foundation

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One feature we are super proud of is our QR code option on the back sign, allowing people to scan and donate as the supporter trains or participates in a fundraising challenge.

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