Hero Mask

About us...(behind the mask)

Our founder Alice has worked alongside the charity sector for many years as a graphic designer, creating materials and templates for fundraising teams and fundraisers all over the UK. However, a bespoke design service comes at a premium, and that is sometimes out of reach for smaller charities.

When researching, we found that the larger, more dominant charities offered fundraising packs for a range of different activities along with downloadable materials on their websites. Whereas smaller charities seem to have a one size fits all pack or don't have a pack. Plus very few had digital downloads on their websites, and the ones that did had no visibility of who or how that download is being used.

So, we set out to create a solution that could give all small charities the same diversity and range of packs for all activities for a fraction of the cost to hire a graphic designer and web designer. We also wanted to tackle some of the fundraising niggles charities have, such as cheques arriving out of the blue, horrendous DIY'd posters and overall lack of visibility of what fundraisers are up to.

Our mission is to help charities provide personalised fundraising packs to people doing great things on their behalf at an affordable price.


Our NHS heroes site

In lockdown one 2020, we created a range of free downloadable templates for people to print and show their support for the NHS Heroes. This was partly because we wanted to do our bit, as we found a people selling downloadable posters and most were not easy to print at home. So we wanted to create something that was FREE and easy for people to print at home without draining their ink or need trimming afterwards.

The other reason we wanted to do this was it was also a great test to see if people would download and print items at home. Within the first month of being live we can confidently say that people are willing and able to print at home as we had over 1000 downloads all across the UK. It was a great success!

Find out more about this NHS project and how it kick started FundraizingHero by reading our blog How our NHS heroes download site helped pave the way for our fundraising pack software'.