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Our story

FundraizingHero is a brainchild of Alice Ward, a seasoned designer who has worked with charities for years.

Having closely worked with fundraising teams, Alice realised the challenges they face, such as poor-quality DIY posters created by supporters, the unavailability of customised fundraising packs, and lack of visibility on supporters' activities.

As a fundraiser herself, Alice felt the frustration of waiting for weeks to receive a fundraising pack, only to be disappointed when the materials did not reflect the activity she was organising.

This experience led her to take matters into her own hands and create her own fundraising materials. By doing so, she could ensure that the materials were relevant to her activity and had the freedom to print as many as she needed. Of course, the charity had no idea that the pack they had designed, printed, stored, and then mailed to Alice had gone unused.

Alice also observed that many charities offer digital downloads to tackle the delay in postal packs arriving, but they come with their own set of issues.

For instance, charities cannot always track who has downloaded the materials or what the supporter has written on them. In contrast, supporters can print as many materials as they need, but they may not be designed for home printing, leading to the supporter quickly running out of ink and getting frustrated.

To solve these problems for both fundraising teams and their supporters, Alice founded FundraizingHero, a platform that offers personalised fundraising materials within minutes, giving fundraising teams visibility into their supporters' activities, all for a fixed, affordable price.

Launched in 2021, FundraizingHero has undergone continuous evolution, introducing a range of features such as social media graphics, QR codes for convenient on-the-go donations, and most recently, the Fundraising Poster Maker. FundraizingHero remains committed to enhancing its platform by continually developing new features to provide the best possible fundraising experience for all.

Empowering Fundraising Teams to Make a Difference

At FundraizingHero, we believe in the power of charities and the incredible work they do to create positive change in our world. We understand the challenges faced by fundraising teams and the crucial role they play in securing support. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to revolutionising the way fundraising packs are created and distributed.

Our Values


We uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct. We believe in building trust with our clients, partners, and the community we serve.


We approach every interaction with compassion, empathy, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. We value the well-being of our team members, clients, and supporters.


We celebrate and nurture creativity as a driving force behind our solutions. We encourage innovative thinking and imaginative approaches to fundraising material creation, constantly seeking fresh and engaging ways to improve our solution for charities and their supporters.


We remain grounded and humble in our achievements, always seeking to learn and improve. We value feedback and are committed to continuously refining our tools and services.

Our mission

FundraizingHero is on a mission to empower fundraising teams and give them back their most valuable resource: time. We understand that fundraising pack creation can be time-consuming and resource-draining, taking away precious moments that could be spent on making a real difference.

With our user-friendly Fundraising Pack Creator and Fundraising Poster Maker, we offer an innovative solution that streamlines the process and makes it easy for everyone involved. By allowing supporters to self-serve personalised fundraising materials in minutes, we eliminate the need for manual creation, printing, and postage, saving valuable time and resources.

In addition, we are committed to providing fundraising teams with valuable insights about their supporters' activities and which materials have been downloaded. This invaluable information equips them to reach out to supporters fully informed to provide timely assistance, guidance, and support.

Our impact

By providing fundraising teams with an alternative way to get fundraising materials to their supporters, we enable them to focus on strategic tasks that maximise their impact. With FundraizingHero, fundraising teams can dedicate their efforts to cultivating relationships, building connections, and driving meaningful change.

Furthermore, our comprehensive supporter insights transform the way fundraising teams engage with their supporters. By gaining valuable insights about their supporters' activities and downloaded materials, fundraising teams can reach out with a deep understanding of each supporter's journey. This enables them to provide tailored assistance, guidance, and support, ensuring a seamless and personalised fundraising experience.

Additionally, our user-friendly approach reduces frustration for supporters. We provide print-friendly materials that minimise supporters feeling the need to resort to DIY fundraising materials, allowing them to confidently represent the causes they care about.

Join us in revolutionising the world of fundraising. Together, we can empower fundraising teams to reclaim their time and amplify their impact. Whether you're a charity, a fundraising professional, or a supporter, explore the possibilities with FundraizingHero. Let's collaborate, create, and inspire change, one fundraising pack at a time.

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How FundraizingHero works

Our platform helps you and your supporters achieve fundraising goals. Add a link to your FundraizingHero Fundraising Pack Creator page or Fundraising Poster Maker Page to your website and communications to encourage easy, personalised fundraising. Our user-friendly platform simplifies pack creation, so supporters can focus on raising funds for your cause!

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About the Fundraising Pack Creator features

We've designed our Fundraising Pack Creator with features that help your charity fundraise more efficiently and make it easy for people to raise money on your behalf.

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