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  • That’s an excellent question. Charities should use FundraizingHero because it saves time by automating fundraising pack creation, provides valuable insights by giving real-time data on supporters' activities, reduces frustration by allowing supporters to create personalised materials quickly, accelerates fundraising by getting people fundraising faster, and saves money by reducing printing and postage costs with digital materials. Click here to find out how we can help your charity

  • Unfortunately not, our packs are designed to be print friendly with an essence of your brand. The aim is to give your supporters their own personalised fundraising pack that is endorsed with your charity's logo and colours along with adding 'In aid of' and your registered charity number so that they are compliant. We do this so that its clear that your charity is not the organiser of the activity and it's one of your supporters instead. We hope this prevents them from DIYing their own materials which more often then not will not resemble anything of your brand or be compliant.

    By creating our packs with just a essence of brand and not adding the complexity of supporting bespoke brands allows us to keep our costs low and therefore provide this service at an affordable price.

  • If someone wants to fraudulently create materials, unfortunately they will. Probably outside of FundraizingHero, however, if they choose to use FundraizingHero you will be able to see what they have written in the form and the activity they are promoting should you need to intervene. If all your supporters use FundraizingHero or your physical packs then it might be easier to spot any fraudulent materials.

  • We use the data in 2 ways, the first is to create the personalised fundraising materials and send them a link to retrieve their pack. The second is to display the data to the charity they are fundraising for in the charity admin. This data belongs to the charity, and it is the responsibility of the charity to use this data appropriately.

  • At the moment we only have 1 set of illustrations for the different activity types however as we grow we aim to commission more illustration sets and designs for charities to choose from.

  • Signing up takes less than 10 minutes, you just need your charity logo, 2 of your brand colours and a few details about your charity. Just click on the Try for free button to start your free trial.

  • Yes, it was a conscious decision to replace the S with a Z to make our name stand out but have the same meaning. It also makes it easier to find on search engines.