Straight-forward pricing
with no sneaky fees or add-ons

We want to keep pricing simple so we have 2 subscription options.
You can either sign up to the Fundraising Poster Maker or the Fundraising Pack Creator.

Fundraising Poster Maker

£4/month + VAT

available as a monthly subscription only

  • Self-serve personalised posters
  • See how supporters have personalised their posters
  • Monitor whether supporters have downloaded their posters
  • Charity branded Fundraising Poster Maker web pages
  • Unlimited poster creation
  • Mobile-friendly

To offer your supporters more than posters, you can upgrade to the Fundraising Pack Creator at any time.

Most popular

Fundraising Pack Creator

£18/month + VAT

or £198/year + VAT

  • 14-day free trial (No credit card or payment required)
  • Self-serve personalised fundraising packs
  • See how supporters have personalised their fundraising pack
  • Monitor which materials each supporter has downloaded
  • Charity branded Fundraising Pack Creator web pages
  • Unlimited pack creation
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Supporters can edit their materials and redownload them
  • Generate certificates in the chairty admin
  • Add links to your own supporting materials
  • Remove 'Created using' from materials

About the subscriptions

All subscriptions offer a minimum term of 1 month for monthly plans and 12 months for yearly plans.

Charities have the flexibility to cancel at any time to stop auto-renewal, if cancelled the subscription will terminate at the end of the billing period.

There are no set-up fees or hidden charges. Payment can be made by card or Bacs Direct Debit.

If you have any questions or queries about pricing or ways to pay please do get in touch.

asked questions

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  • That’s an excellent question. Charities should use FundraizingHero because it saves time by allowing supporters to self-serve their fundraising pack/posters, provides valuable insights by giving real-time data on supporters' activities, reduces frustration by allowing supporters to create personalised materials quickly, accelerates fundraising by getting people fundraising faster, and saves money by reducing printing and postage costs with digital materials. Click here to find out how we can help your charity

  • All the fundraising materials are designed to be print friendly with an essence of your brand.

    The goal is to provide your supporters with personalised fundraising packs adorned with your charity's logo, two brand colors, and essential information such as "In aid of" and your registered charity number to ensure compliance.

    By doing this, we aim to make it clear that your charity is not organising the activity but rather, one of your supporters instead.

    FundraizingHero serves as a perfect balance between fully on-brand materials and supporters creating their own DIY materials. Hopefully preventing supporters from resorting to DIY creations that could potentially damage your charity's reputation.

    In the charity admin view, you can effortlessly update your logo, colours, strapline and web address used in these materials.

    Charity brand fundraising materials
  • At FundraizingHero, we prioritise the security of your data. It's stored exclusively on secure servers in the European Economic Area (EEA) with strict access controls. Our team stays updated on data protection measures, and access is tightly regulated based on roles and responsibilities, supported by two-factor authentication for added security.

  • We recommended adding a link to your Fundraising Pack Creator or Fundraising Poster Maker page to your website and other fundraising communications to increase visibility and drive traffic. If you are signed up to the Fundraising Pack Creator you'll also find links to the 3 fundraising pack forms bypassing your main FundraizingHero page so that you can easily integrate within your existing supporter journey too to streamline your fundraising process.

    For example: let's say you have someone who signed up for a challenge event as part of the emails you send to them you could also include the link straight to the online form inviting them to create their Challenge 'Sponsor Me' Pack.

  • We don't ask for any payment information to start your trial of the Fundraising Pack Creator.

    At any point during the trial you can start your subscription. At the end of your trial if you haven't signed up to the monthly or yearly subscription, your FundraizingHero pages will go offline, and your account will be deactivated from the charity admin views and other features.

    You can still log in to your account, but you will only see the option to start a paid subscription. Rest assured, any supporter-created packs will remain accessible for them to download. Starting a subscription will reactivate your account.

    Please note that if your trial ends and is not reactivated within 8 weeks, your account will be deleted.

  • At the moment we only have 1 set of illustrations for the different activity types however as we grow we aim to commission more illustration sets and designs for charities to choose from.

  • There are three types of fundraising packs, Community fundraising pack, Challenge 'sponsor me' pack and Thank you pack. Each have a different online form for supporters to complete to personalise their fundraising pack. Below outlines whats included in each pack.

    Community Fundraising Pack includes: Poster, Bunting, DIY collection box, Social media graphic, Cake/food flags and labels, Video call background, Selfie prop, Risk assessment template, Paying in form, Staying safe and legal guide, Fundraising planner

    This pack has over 40 different illustrations so your supporters have a design relevant to the activity they are organising.

    'Sponsor Me' Challenge Pack includes: Poster, Back sign, Sponsorship form, Social media graphic, Selfie prop, Paying in form, Fundraising planner

    The back sign features a QR code to your supporters giving page allowing people to scan and donate easily as they take on their fundraising challenge.

    Thank You Pack includes : Thank you poster, Social media graphic, Selfie prop, Paying in form

    The paying in form features your charity details. Including how they pay in the money raised and where to send cheques to. These details can be viewed and edited from the admin area. Click here to find out how more about the packs
  • Yes, each subscription is associated with a unique brand logo, colours, and charity name. If you have more than one brand, a separate subscription is required for each. However, feel free to reach out to us , as we may be able to provide a discount for multiple accounts. Get in touch

  • Yes, it was a conscious decision to replace the S with a Z to make our name stand out but have the same meaning. It also makes it easier to find on search engines.