Enhancing Engagement: Personalised Fundraising Materials vs. Generic Fundraising Packs

2023-06-04 | Fundraising

Custom Fundraising materials

In the world of fundraising, connecting with supporters and creating meaningful engagement is crucial for success. Traditional methods, such as sending generic fundraising packs in the mail or providing downloadable generic packs, often fail to capture the attention and interest of supporters.

However, by leveraging personalised fundraising materials that highlight a supporter's activities, fundraising teams can significantly enhance engagement levels. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of personalisation and discuss how self-serving personalised materials through platforms like FundraizingHero can revolutionise the fundraising experience for both supporters and charities alike.

The Power of Personalisation

Personalisation is more than just addressing supporters by their names; it involves tailoring fundraising materials to reflect a supporter's activity. By incorporating text and imagery relating to the planned activity, the materials become more relatable, meaningful, and engaging.

Generic one-size-fits-all fundraising packs often lack relevance to the supporter's planned activity, leaving supporters frustrated. They may even take matters into their own hands and create their own materials, which might not align with your marketing team's standards. We wouldn't want to see any comic sans and clipart disasters, would we? Eek!

In contrast, when supporters receive personalised materials specifically designed for their planned activity, they feel appreciated and motivated to contribute further. They are also more likely to actively participate in fundraising for your charity again and share their experiences with others.

Personalised Poster

The Challenges of Creating Individualised Materials

While designing personalised materials for each supporter seems ideal, it can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for fundraising teams. This level of personalisation is often reserved for those pledging to raise a significant amount.

Here are some problems fundraising teams face in achieving this:

Time and Effort: Designing customised fundraising materials for each supporter is a laborious task that demands significant time and effort from fundraising teams. This often proves to be a major hurdle, especially when dealing with many supporters at once.

Limited Resources: Charities often lack the internal resources to design materials. Investing extensive resources into creating personalised materials for every supporter is not feasible. Besides, internal or external resources should be working on projects that can truly make a difference to the charity cause, such as bigger campaigns and fundraising goals.

Challenges of personalised fundraising materials

Enter Fundraising Pack Creators: Empowering Supporters

To bridge the gap between personalisation and limited resources, self-serving personalised Fundraising Pack Creator like FundraizingHero offer a compelling solution. FundraizingHero empowers supporters to create their own customised fundraising packs, eliminating the need for intensive involvement from fundraising teams.

With FundraizingHero's Fundraising Pack Creator, fundraising teams can offer their supporters:

A User-Friendly Interface: FundraizingHero provides a mobile-compatible and intuitive interface that allows supporters to personalise their packs simply by completing a short online form with details about their planned activity. Once they submit the form, their personalised pack materials are generated, and an email is sent to them with instructions on how to download their pack.

Flexibility and Control: Supporters can choose which materials to download and can make changes to the text, allowing them to edit and download their packs again if their activity time, date, or other details change. This flexibility ensures that supporters always have up-to-date and relevant materials.

Speedy Materials: Once supporters complete their online form, their pack is ready to download in minutes, allowing them to start promoting their event sooner. The packs also include social media posts, so supporters can easily promote their event online.

By enabling supporters to create personalised packs themselves, fundraising teams save significant time and resources. Platforms like FundraizingHero streamline the process, allowing charities to allocate their efforts towards other projects to achieve their fundraising goals.

Fundraising pack creator saves time

In today's increasingly personalised world, generic fundraising packs are becoming less effective in capturing the attention and engagement of supporters. By leveraging personalised fundraising materials that highlight a supporter's activities, charities can forge deeper connections and inspire greater participation.

Self-serving personalised Fundraising Pack Creators like FundraizingHero provide a scalable and cost-effective solution, allowing supporters to create their own customised packs effortlessly. By embracing personalisation and empowering supporters, fundraising teams can unlock a new level of engagement and get their time back to work on projects that can make a difference.

Learn more about FundraizingHero's Fundraising Pack Creator and start enhancing your fundraising efforts today!

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