Tips to create a fundraising poster for your fundraising event

2024-03-01 | Fundraising

Design a fundraising poster

Are you gearing up to host a fundraising event for a cause close to your heart?

One of the most crucial elements of promoting your event is creating an eye-catching fundraising poster. A well-designed poster can attract attention, convey essential information, and ultimately drive participation and attendance.

Here are some valuable tips to help you create an effective fundraising poster:

1. Choose the Right Size: Opt for standard poster sizes such as A4 or A3, with A4 being the most common for easy home printing. This ensures that your poster can be printed conveniently and displayed effectively.

2. Simplicity is Key: Keep your design simple and avoid overcrowding with excessive information or images. A clutter-free layout will make it easier for viewers to grasp the message at a glance.

3. Select Appropriate Graphics: Find graphics that align with your activity. However, be cautious of using images found online, as many may be copyrighted. Look for royalty-free or licensed images to avoid legal issues.

4. Prioritise Readability: Ensure that your text is legible from a distance by choosing a font style that is clear and easy to read. Consider using a font associated with your chosen charity for consistency and brand awareness.

5. Incorporate Charity Branding Use the charities colours and branding elements of the charity you're supporting to enhance recognition and association with the cause.

6. Feature the Charity Logo: Ensure the charity logo is given room to stand out and not stretched or squished or edited in anyway. Charities have a lot of brand rules around the use of their logo.

7. Charity Logo Compliance: When adding the charity's logo, include the phrase "in aid of" above it to indicate that your event is not organised by the charity, some charities might be able to supply this version of their logo to you. This text helps keep your poster compliant and makes it super clear its an event run by a supporter not the charity.

8. Include Event Information: Clearly display the event name, date, time, location/venue address, and any other details such as suggested donation amounts for entrance or cakes etc.

9. Add Charity Information: Add the charity's registered charity number somewhere on the poster, typically in smaller text near the bottom, to establish credibility and transparency.

10. Promote The Charity: If the charity has a website or a specific strapline, include this information on the poster to encourage further engagement and awareness of the charity.

11. Consider Your Printing Process: If printing at home, opt for lighter-coloured backgrounds and graphics to conserve ink and prevent soggy posters.

By following these tips you can create a compelling fundraising poster that effectively promotes your event and inspires support for your chosen cause.

Remember to consult with the charity you're fundraising for to ensure compliance with their guidelines and maximise your impact.

Also if your selected charity partners with FundraizingHero's innovative tools like the Fundraising Poster Maker or Fundraising Pack Creator, creating your personalised fundraising poster becomes a breeze.

You simply fill out an online form detailing your event, let FundraizingHero work its magic, and voila! Your customised poster is ready for download within minutes.

Check with the charity you're fundraising for to see if they use FundraizingHero before you dive in to poster creation. If they do, you can save yourself valuable time and avoid the potential headaches associated with creating a fundraising poster from scratch.

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