A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

2021-04-15 | Fundraising

A-Z Fundraising Ideas

If you want to raise money to support a charity but not sure what to do, we have put together an A-Z of fundraising ideas to give you a little inspiration.


Abseil Challenge
Sign up to an abseiling challenge and get sponsored.

Afternoon Tea
Pop the kettle on and organise a variety of cakes, sandwiches and scones, ask for donations to attend.

Ask your friends and family to donate items to auction or auction of your skills.


Bake Sale
The old fundraising favourite, sell cakes, biscuits and other baked goodies.

Bake Off
Challenge your friends or work colleagues to a Bake Off, charge per entry and sell the cakes afterwards.

Host a fundraising BBQ, ask guests to pay an entrance fee. Add raffles and games to also boost your fundraising.

Eyes down for a full house! Hold a bingo night and charge a fee per game.

Book Sale
Ask your friends and family to donate books for you to sell.

Bungee Jump
Sign up to an organised bungee jump and get sponsored to jump.


Car Wash
Host a charity car wash and charge per car. Offer refreshments for a small donation while they wait to boost your fundraising.

Coffee Morning
Get your community together for a coffee morning, offer coffee, tea, biscuits and cakes and ask people for donations.

Craft Sale
Show off your creative skills by selling your artwork, knits, jams and other creations at a fayre or car boot.

Cricket Match
Organise a charity cricket match, charge spectators boost your fundraising by offering refreshments.

Cycling Challenge
Challenge yourself by either signing up to an organised cycle event or pick your route yourself get sponsorship. Don’t forget to wear a helmet.


Darts Tournament
Bullseye! Organise a darts tournament charge a fee to enter.

Dinner Party
Get your friends round for a dinner party and ask them to donate the cost of a meal, why not make this a themed dinner party.

Dance the night away, sell tickets in advance to charge per entry. Why not sell refreshments to boost your fundraising too? Also you could hold a dance off competition.


Easter Egg Hunt
Yummy Hide and Seek, Charge an entry fee and remember where you hid them all.

Escape Room
Get your friends or colleagues together for an escape room, either order an online kit or attend and actual escape room venue. Ask for donations to take part.


Football Tournament
Charge teams to enter or charge a player fee Why not let spectators donate to take part in a penalty shoot out at the end.

Family Fun Day
Hold a fun day, this could be different stalls and activities for all ages. Either sell tickets or ask for donations for each activity.

Fancy Dress Day
Perfect for schools and the office, ask for donations to wear fancy dress for the day. Have a prize ready for the best fancy dress.


Games Night
Run a games night either with board games or video games with £10 entry fee - half the money to the winner and donate the other half.

Garden Party
Hold a garden party ask people to donate an entry fee. Add mini games to your garden party and ask people to pay to play.

Golf Day/Tournament
Have a golf tournament, ask participants to pay to enter.

Guess the...
Ask people to guess how many sweets in the jar, a cake’s weight, etc. The closest answer wins, ask for a donation for each guess.


Halloween Party
This works best around Halloween. Charge an entry fee, boost your fundraising by adding pay to play games.

Head Shave
Get friends and family to sponsor you to shave your hair off, you can even donate your hair to help create wigs for cancer patients.

Hiking Challenge
Sign up to a hiking challenge or create your own then get sponsored.


Indoor Sports Day
The British weather is so unpredictable hold an indoor sports day instead, charge a small fee per sport or activity.


Jazz Night
Host a jazz night, sell tickets in advance to charge per entry.

Jumble Sale
Have a sort out and head down to your local jumble sale/car boot and simply donate the proceeds.


Karaoke Night
Sing your heart out for charity! Charge a fee per entry or ask for donations for ear plugs!

Knitting Competition
Knit some cosy items to sell at fayres and jumble sales or challenge your friends to a competitive knit-off!


Late Night Walk
Sign up to a charity organised walk that takes place at night. They have different names depending on the charity. Get sponsored to take part.

Live Music Event
Ask some local artists to showcase their talents or do a battle of the bands. Ask attendees to donate.


Masquerade ball
Add an air of mystery and organise a masked ball, Ask guests to make a donation to attend.

Sign up to run a marathon, or organise an activity where you do 26.2 hours or miles of something.

Murder Mystery Night
Get your friends, family or colleagues round for a murder mystery night. You can buy kits online, ask them to make a donation and come dress in character.


Name the...
Hold a name the bear or other cuddly toy competition ask for a donation per guess and the winner wins the cuddly toy.

News Years Eve Party
Best held on the 31st December but if you are organising a new years party why not make it a fundraiser and ask for donations.

Non Uniform Day
Perfect for schools, ask for donations to wear non-uniform for the day.


Open Garden
Open your garden for a small donation and maybe sell some plants and refreshments as well to boost your fundraising.

Obstacle course
Sign up to an obstacle course and get sponsored to take part.


Pamper party
Invite your friends round for an evening of pampering ask for donations per treatment or for the whole evening.

Penalty Shoot-out
Ask for a donation per entry. Give a prize to people who score a goal.

Plant Sale
If your a keen gardener why not hold a plant sale and donate the proceeds.


Quit Something
Get sponsored to quit something for a month it could be drink, chocolate, going make up free it’s up to you.

Quiz Night
Organise a quiz night, ask each team member to pay to play. Add a donation box to each table for loose change.


Get your friends and family or local businesses to donate items to put into a raffle. Charge a fee per raffle ticket normally 30p for 1 or 5 for £1 and donate the proceeds.

Running Challenge
Sign up to a running challenge and get sponsored to take part. Or get sponsored to run a distance every day in a month.


Sign up for a charity skydive and get sponsored to jump from a perfectly good plane.

Sports Day
Egg and spoon race anyone? organise a sports day and charge entry fees into the different sporting events. Tug-of-war, three-legged race and the race where you run and put on clothing at different distances to the finish line.

Sponsored Silence
Shhh! Get sponsored to be silent for the day. Have a whiteboard at the ready so you can still communicate.

Summer Fête
A summer fête/fayre is a great way to get the community together include stalls and games for all ages. Ask for donations to attend or for different activities.

Swimming Challenge
Get sponsored to swim an iconic distance in your local swimming pool.


Tennis Tournament
Organise a tennis tournament ask participants to donate to enter.

Ten-Pin Bowling Competition
Organise a bowling competition, charge an entry fee and have prizes for the winner, first strike and runner up.

Treasure Hunt
Hold a treasure hunt where teams compete against each other to find the treasure. Charge an entrance fee per team or person.


Unwanted Gift Sale
Sell unwanted gifts online or at a car boot sale and donate the proceeds.


Virtual Challenge
Get sponsored to do something virtually, this could be climbing your stairs to the equivalent height of Ben Nevis, or running a marathon in your back garden.


Walking Challenge
Sign up to a walking challenge or challenge yourself to walk a set distance every day in a month and get sponsored to do it.

Who’s That Baby Quiz
Run a competition to match colleagues or friends with their baby photo, charge a small fee for people to enter. Winner is the person who guesses the most correctly.


Xmas Jumper Day
Get everyone into the festive spirit with a Christmas jumper day, ask people to donate to wear a Christmas jumper and offer a prize to the best or worse jumper.

Xmas Fun Day/Fayre
Organise a Christmas themed fun day or party. Charge an entry fee, sell Christmas themed cakes and organise mini games for people to donate to take part in.


Yes Day Challenge
Get sponsored to say ‘Yes’ to everything for a day.


Zip Wire Challenge
Get sponsored to do a zip wire ride.

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