New Feature: You can now add custom links to add extra materials bespoke to your charity

2021-06-01 | News

Add extra bespoke links

We are super excited about this new feature we call Custom Links.

We know every charity is different and although we have you covered with all the fundraising pack materials so your fundraisers can confidently promote and decorate their activities there will always be materials or information you want to share in addition to the pack generated by FundraizingHero.

So, we have added a new feature in our Fundraising Pack Creator that allows you to add up to 3 custom links to the page where the fundraiser downloads their personalised fundraising pack. These 3 links appear as buttons on this page, you decide what you want to call each button and enter the full web address of where it needs to go so you can add extra materials bespoke to your charity.

Fundraising linksCharity admin area where you can add and test your links

When clicked not only does the fundraiser get directed to your PDF or webpage in a new tab but we record that this fundraiser has clicked on this link so you can keep track of how often it's downloaded or viewed by your fundraisers.

Track usageExample that the link 'Where your money goes poster' has been clicked for this user's activity. They have also downloaded the risk assessment template

Here are a few suggestions on what you could use these links for but it is entirely up to you and what you think your fundraisers would benefit from.

  • To download an information flyer or leaflet about your charity’s cause
  • To download a ‘Where your money goes’ poster
  • To download an in-depth fundraising guide that covers everything they need to know about fundraising for your charity.
  • A link to a form to request t-shirts and other physical materials.

Tip: If you want them to print any of the pdf’s you direct them to, try and make these as print-friendly as possible so use a lot of white space and reframe from doing full-page images or colour your fundraiser won’t thank you if they run out of ink and have a soggy sheet of paper.

Find out more about our Fundraising Pack Creator.

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