Should you offer digital fundraising materials to your supporters?

2022-04-14 | Fundraising

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As more and more fundraising teams continue to work from home and some charities now completely working remotely, printing, storing, and sending fundraising packs has become a little more challenging than before.

Sending postal packs is also becoming more expensive too, as of 4th April 2022 Royal Mail increased the price of their large 1st class stamps by 16p to £1.45 and large 2nd class stamps by 9p to £1.05.

So, could digital fundraising materials be the answer? it certainly removes the need to print, store and send fundraising packs by post completely removing the costs associated with the printing process and postage fees to save your charity money, but what are the other benefits?

Below we have identified a couple of other key benefits for you and your supporters:

Reduce waste and be greener
How much of your fundraising pack gets used? How much goes straight into the recycle bin or worse to landfill if not disposed of properly. Not only does making your materials digital reduce the waste by allowing supporters to download and print only what they need but also removes the carbon emissions used to produce and deliver a postal fundraising pack.

Supporters get materials instantly
Rather than waiting for materials to arrive by post, digital downloads are instantly available meaning that supporters can start promoting their activity quickly or put on last-minute events. This minimises the risk of them designing their own materials, which often happens if they get impatient waiting for the pack to arrive or the poster supplied is not relevant to their activity. They also can print as many as they need to advertise their activity more effectively than usually the one poster supplied in a fundraising pack.

How to offer fundraising materials digitally

So, you want to shift to offer digital fundraising materials to your supporters if you are not already, below are the 3 ways to achieve this.

  1. Adding download links to your website
    Add PDF files to your website for people to download, the downside of this method is that often these downloads are not tracked you don’t know how or if they are being used.
  2. Send materials via email
    After a supporter completes an online form on your website to request a digital fundraising pack. You can email the materials onto them. This option gives you more control than just having the downloads but you won’t see how they used or personalised the materials.
  3. Use our Fundraising Pack Creator
    With FundraizingHero's Fundraising Pack Creator supporters complete an online form and get access to their personalised pack ready for them to download, unlike the options above you can see how they personised their materials and which materials they downloaded.

Discover how our Fundraising Pack Creator works here.

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