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2022-01-05 | Fundraising

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Fundraising is meant to be fun and rewarding for individuals organising an activity in aid of your charity. It can also be frustrating for them too, when they order their fundraising pack they are excited about planning their activity and can’t wait to get started and their motivation is really high.

Wouldn’t it be great if, at this point, they could simply download materials personalised to their activity to keep their motivation at that level and start promoting their activity straight away with social media graphics and printable materials?

If you said yes, you’re right, one of the most frustrating things for supporters is the wait for the materials to arrive. The delay in receiving their pack often forces many to DIY their own materials as they want to get started as soon as possible. This can present different issues for your charity.

Often DIY posters don’t do your charity justice to help raise awareness or the opposite they look so good it’s like your charity is running the activity which could leave your charity in a sticky spot if something was to go wrong.

Whether they have followed your brand or created something that doesn’t even use your correct logo, they have probably not added ‘in aid of’ above your logo or added your registered charity number to make these materials compliant.

Those that wait for their fundraising pack to arrive often get frustrated with the lack of materials and generic designs, most packs feature one poster that doesn’t resemble the activity they are planning, and they then have a dilemma of where to place this for the best attendance, once again this often results in them turning to word to create their own poster.

Fundraising MotivationWhen their motivation is high its easier for them to start promoting and planning their activity.

One way to help with this is to add downloadable resources to your website for people to download straight away, you can commission a designer to come up with loads of different designs for the range of activities people might do for you then host them all online for people to download, print and then personalise.

There are a few downsides of this method, you won’t know what people have downloaded or what they are planning until they either reach out to you or you receive their money raised later missing the opportunity to build that relationship. Then there is the project of creating all the materials to host online requiring a designer and a web designer to add to your website this all takes time.

However, there is another way, and it’s super easy for your supporters to do and keep them motivated from the get-go. Using FundraizingHero's Fundraising Pack Creator they simply fill in an online form to tell you about the activity they are planning. Moments later they receive an email with a link to download their personalised fundraising pack.

The information they entered about their activity is used to personalise the materials including pulling in an illustration that best suits the activity they are planning so all they need to do is print and share their materials to start promoting their activity immediately. (All packs have a personalised social media graphic)

All materials feature a touch of your brand to make it clear it’s a supporter lead activity and not run by your charity, we do this by adding 2 of your colours into the illustrations and text colour and by placing your logo on all designs. We automatically add ‘in aid of’ above your logo and your registered charity number will feature on all designs too to make them compliant.

So that you can reach out to your supporter and offer them an awesome experience fundraising for you, upon completing the online form they must tick a box to confirm they are aware that the information they entered will be shared with you and that you may be in touch about the activity they are planning.

You will receive an email each time a supporter creates a pack, in the FundraizingHero charity admin you can see all the information they entered about their event, their contact email address, plus see what materials from the pack they downloaded. You can then use this information to reach out to see if they need any further assistance or physical items like t-shirts or collection buckets.

We designed FundraizingHero as a way of helping with the fulfilment of the fundraising materials to make it easy and less time consuming for both the supporter and fundraising team, so supporters can fundraise sooner and don’t feel that they have to DIY their own materials and the fundraising team can focus on building relationships and looking after their supporters.

If a supporter has a great experience fundraising for you, they are likely to want to do it again or recommend others to fundraise for you too.

Find out more about the other benefits of using our FundraizingHero or sign your charity up in less than 10 minutes view our subscription options.

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