If your charity has never done fundraising before find out how you can start in a quick and cost-effective way

2021-07-16 | Fundraising

Create fundraising process

If your charity hasn't done any fundraising in the past and you want to kick start fundraising in a quick and cost-effective way...we can help. Or if you simply want to test whether fundraising works for your charity we can help with that too.

The traditional way

Traditionally you would commission a designer to create a fundraising pack for you containing a few key materials, such as a poster, sponsorship form, maybe some bunting. These fundraising materials will need to be designed with a very generic design so they can be used for all fundraising activities from coffee morning events to quiz nights to skydives.

Once you have paid for this to be designed and have the files from your designer, you can then look to get this professionally printed. Usually, the more you order the better rate you get per pack. However the more you order the more stock you will have to get through and you have to think about what happens if your charity has a rebrand when you still have loads of fundraising packs on the old brand.

After you have your fundraising pack designed, printed, and supplied to you. You now need a process to send these out to your DIY fundraisers as and when they request them and decide how you want to send them first or second class.

Alternatively, to save on postage and print charges you can get your web designer (if you have one) to upload your designed materials to your website for people to download. However, the downside of this is that you may not know who has downloaded the design and how it's being used. Plus your design is most likely designed for professional printing with rich colours and full graphics, this is not ideal for people printing at home as they are likely to end up with a soggy page and very little ink left.

There is another way...

What if we said you didn't need to spend out on design fees and print and postage and can be up and running with fundraising packs ready to go in minutes rather than weeks needed for design and print...

With FundraizingHero's Fundraising Pack Creator we have over 40 fundraising pack designs ready to go, you just need to upload your logo and charity colours to get started. Then instead of your one-size-fits-all fundraising pack, you have 35+ fundraising packs ready to be personalised and downloaded by your DIY Fundraisers for them to print at home.

They complete a brief form all about the event they are planning. Our Fundraising Pack Creator then creates their personalised fundraising pack using the information they entered to give them materials relevant to the activity they are planning, so if they are doing a coffee morning their materials such as the bunting and poster will feature graphics showing two coffee cups and a cupcake whereas if they said it was a golf day, the graphic used will show a golf ball on a tee.

Fundraising processThe process for DIY fundraisers in FundraizingHero

Plus the fundraising packs contain different materials depending on whether the DIY fundraiser is doing a community fundraising activity or a 'sponsor me' challenge.

Community fundraising is all about promoting that activity to get people there and decorate the activity on the day. So this features items like a promotional poster and social media graphic, bunting, and DIY collection box.

With the 'sponsor me' challenges this is about raising sponsorship so this pack has a back sign with a QR code to their giving page, a sponsorship form, and a selfie prop so they can take selfies as they train and promote your charity.

The designs are all home print-friendly meaning that your DIY fundraisers can download their personalised fundraising pack and print at home with ease. The information gathered about their activity is supplied to you in our charity admin area so you can see what they are up to and how their materials were personalised plus see what they downloaded and within minutes you can update the charity colours and logo should you have a rebrand.

Signing up to FundraizingHero is really simple and if you choose to pay monthly you can cancel anytime meaning if you just want to see if fundraising will work for your charity you can give it a go for a few months. It's just £18(+vat) per month far more cost-effective than design and print charges.

Find out more about our digital fundraising packs.

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